The Damascus CPO is part of the community involvement program for Clackamas County, that is required by state statute as outlined at the website for the Department of Land Conservation and Development > Oregon Planning > Goal 1: Community Involvement. We are advisory to the Board of County Commissioners on land use matters affecting our community. We are notified of proposed land use actions/applications and legislative changes within our boundary. We may review these land use actions/applications and provide recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners.

Please go to the following pages for information about:

  1. Agenda - Agendas, Packets and Minutes of meetings of the Damascus CPO;

  2. Land Use - Land Use Actions/Applications affecting property in the Damascus CPO area;

  3. Legislative - Legislative Actions by City, County and State governmental entities affecting the Damascus CPO area;

  4. Preparedness for future catastrophes caused by Earthquakes and Wildfires;

  5. Events - Event information for everyone in the Damascus community to know;

  6. Bylaws of the Damascus CPO.

Membership Registration: Please click on Active CPOs & Hamlets to link to the Interactive Boundary Map, then:

  1. Enter your property address into the search box;

  2. Click on your property address in the dropdown Ersi Locator search results;

  3. The results will display your property address on a map of Clackamas County and its location on the map will determine if the property address is inside the boundary of the Damascus CPO.

If the property address is inside the boundary of the Damascus CPO, then please fill out the adjacent Membership Registration form. Thank you.

If you need assistance, then please enter your address in the Comments section of the adjacent Comments form.

Membership Registration

The comments form is to be used to provide information for property address inquires, new local events, comments, questions or suggestions.